Value Added Services

INLAKS VAS business encompasses the delivery of Value Added Services to clients aimed at reducing the costs of their IT and Infrastructure department,  whilst increasing IT effectiveness in the monitoring, management and control of their IT infrastructure.

We have partnerships enabling legacy and new devices, installed in datacenters and remote branches and offsites, release their trapped data/data points for IT analytics and reporting over a cloud platform.

The Kentrox Remote Site Management system provides a complete view of all remote locations, allowing management of all critical site elements remotely including security and power systems, environmental equipment and conditions, equipment such as genenators, fuel tanks, heating/cooling systems, rectifier systems, microwave radios and IP video cameras regardless of the technology or manufacturer.

Key benefits include:

  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Remote Monitoring Management and Control
  • Minimized Energy Consumption
  • Increased Availability
  • Heightened Security
  • Site Live View
  • Event View
  • Dashboards
  • Management Reports generation
  • Provides remote real-time on-line health status of battery blocks before they result in equipment breakdown
    Key Benefits include:

    • Eliminates the need for manual data logging and analysis.
    • Provides consistent measurements, eliminating human error.
    • Provides historical data for warranty claim.
    • Eliminates site access problem.
    • Automatic alarm notification and routing.
    • E-mail notification to mailing group for pro-active management action.
    • Reporting and system query for budgeting.
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    ATM Power consists of Inverters and entry level UPSes and battery banks configured to provide 72hrs backup in the event of Public Utility outage.

    Our Inverter/UPS remote monitoring and management solution consists of network interface integration, protocols conversion, Management Information Base file and Element Library development and software Application for data analytics, management and reporting.


  • Brand Agnostic UPS and Inverter monitoring and management
  • E-mail notification to mailing group for pro-active management action
  • Eliminates site access problem.
  • Automatic alarm notification and routing.
  • Our Datacentre Infrastructure Management Software Application, the Trellis Platform, eliminate the inefficiencies created when IT and facilities systems are managed separately in siloes. DCIM solutions integrate IT and facilities systems into a single management platform for optimizing the performance and reducing operational costs.

    Key Features

    • DC Asset and Inventory Management
    • DC Process and Procedure Management
    • DC Capacity Management
    • DC Thermal and Environment Management
    • DC Change Management
    • DC Energy Management
    • DC Power Management