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ATS,STS & Electrical Panels

ATS and Low Voltage Panel


Inlaks is a distinguished organization renowned for its expertise in providing comprehensive solutions in the domains of Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS), Static Transfer Switches (STS), and electrical panels. With a steadfast commitment to delivering advanced power management solutions, Inlaks has established itself as a trusted partner in ensuring seamless and reliable electrical operations for businesses.

The organization excels in the design, deployment, and maintenance of Automatic Transfer Switches, offering clients a sophisticated means to manage power sources seamlessly during outages or fluctuations. In the realm of Static Transfer Switches, Inlaks brings cutting-edge technology to the forefront, providing swift and reliable switching between power sources to maintain continuous and uninterrupted power supply.

Additionally, Inlaks specializes in the optimization and management of electrical panels, showcasing a comprehensive understanding of control and distribution systems. The organization’s proficiency in these critical components underscores its commitment to enhancing operational efficiency, reliability, and safety for businesses across diverse sectors.

As a pivotal player in the field of electrical solutions, Inlaks continues to empower businesses with robust and innovative offerings, contributing significantly to the resilience and longevity of their electrical infrastructure.

Low Voltage Panel


Power Protection

Inlaks stands as a leading organization dedicated to pioneering solutions in the realm of Power Protection. With an unwavering commitment to safeguarding critical infrastructure and ensuring uninterrupted operations, Inlaks has become a trusted name in the field.

The organization excels in designing, deploying, and managing cutting-edge power protection systems that shield businesses from the adverse effects of power anomalies, including surges, sags, and outages. Inlaks’ expertise encompasses a comprehensive range of solutions, including Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR), Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS), Static Transfer Switches (STS), and advanced electrical panels.

By combining technological innovation with a deep understanding of power management challenges, Inlaks plays a pivotal role in fortifying businesses against disruptions and enhancing the reliability of their electrical infrastructure. As businesses increasingly rely on seamless and stable power, Inlaks remains at the forefront, providing tailored power protection solutions that contribute to the resilience and success of organizations across various industries.

Earthing and Lightning Solution