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Complimentary Solutions

Moody’s Analytics | Enterprise Risk Management

Moody’s is a world leader in the provision of enterprise risk management solutions, credit card ratings , scoring solutions and portfolio management solutions. Moody’s is the one stop shop for financial institutions in need of a rating platform that offers a range of risk management solutions. Moody’s has been deployed in the Nigerian market for some time now, therefore we have a vast understanding on how to adapt global best practices to the Nigerian market and Sub-Saharan Africa.

The results of credit rating and scoring can be used for IFRS 9 calculations which creates forward looking projections for credit books- it offers LGDs, PDs and ECL calculations.

Moody’s Analytics also offers enterprise risk management.

This solution offers liquidity risk, market risk, capital adequacy, balance sheet panning, BASEL 2, BASEL 3 and credit rating solutions. Moody’s gives clients the ability to choose what they want in the spectrum of enterprise risk management. In addition, Moody’s is successfully operating in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and other Sub-Saharan countries.

Net Guardian | Fraud Management System

This is a fraud management solution with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities that understand the patterns of transaction per time fot individuals. Net Guardian monitors both internal and external fraud.

For internal fraud, Net guardian correlates data across a banks IT system, database and core banking solution to detect atypical actions and raise alerts or block transactions. The alert mechanism disperses signals to designated personnel within the bank for immediate action.

External fraud, this monitors the activities across various e-channels such as Mobile Banking, Internet banking, Digital banking and ATM for individual customers. Using its scoring metric, the solution masters the patterns of transactions relating to minimum and maximum transaction per time and recording the location and device.

Any financial institution running on Net Guardian is protected internally and externally in terms of fraud detection and prevention. Other solutions detect the fraud after it occurs but with Net Guardian, fraud is detected before it happens and is prevented.

Fiorano | Enterprise Service Box

Fiorano is an enterprise service box. As a service box, it makes all other applications within the bank communicate and exchange info in simple languages that the enterprise service box will convert and send to designated sections. Simply put, the enterprise service box connects core banking with several sections without writing a code.

In addition, Fiorano caters to prospects for Digital Transformation with Open API’s, Open Banking, ISO 20022 Migration, Hybrid Integration Platform, and API Management.

Founded in 1995 in Silicon Valley, Fiorano is a global leader in integration middleware, API management and peer-to-peer distributed systems.

Fiorano’s technical expertise is backed by our presence in the visionary space of Gartner’sMagic Quadrant for application integration

We offer our financial business solutions to the entire West Africa region, as evident in our clientele and references that cut across the entire continent.