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More Hyosung ATMs to energise cashless Nigeria project (Demo)

Public and private concerns in the country are putting heads together to ensure that the Cashless Nigeria initiative championed by the Central Bank of Nigeria works.

Every corporate entity, particularly in the financial and ICT sector are using means available to them to drive the adoption.

Last week, ICT company, Inlaks, in collaboration with its partners Nautilus Hyosung rolled out modern Automated Teller Machines touted to give stern support to the cashless project.

The machines, tagged Monimax series, included the Monimax 5600T, 7600, 7600T and 9100 series among others. Each is said to have functionalities that supports financial inclusion.

The ATMs come with biometrics scanner, bar codes and contact less features considered to be next level adoptions for financial inclusion. Besides, they run on the latest Microsoft Window7 Operating system.

A unique inclusion in some of the machines is the ability to detect fake notes. For instance the 9100 financial Kiosk, features functionalities that encourage multiple services and high scalability.

The services that can be obtained from this ATM include bill payments, funds transfer, balance inquiry, mobile phone top up even as customers could print their account mini statements, loan approvals and passbooks.

Inlaks said it has established a technical resource center to ensure that the ATMs would work perfectly in Nigeria like in other places.

According to the MD of Inlanks Mr Femi Adeoti, “we set this center up because we realized that an ATM having worked somewhere before does not mean it is going to work in Nigeria. Our environment is different, with dusts, severe sunshine and other environmental differences.

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