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Inlaks To Launch “thehatch” Innovation Lab with A Hackathon (Demo)

In a bid to bring innovative solutions to the Fintech industry and pave the way for young technology entrepreneurs, leading system integrator in Sub-Saharan Africa, Inlaks is set to birth an innovation lab called thehatch. The launch of thehatch supports the vision of Inlaks to expand into a new phase termed “Inlaks 2.0”.

The innovation lab is set to build, scale and provide a nurturing environment for Fintech Start-ups by ensuring a level playing field for domestic technological ideas. This laudable establishment will guarantee an easy penetration into the Fintech market with ample resources, training, finances and collaborative spheres to provide best in class Fintech solutions.

The launch of thehatch innovative lab will begin with a Hackathon challenge themed, “Shaping the future of Insurance”, geared towards the development of technologically enabled solutions that solve major problems in the insurance sector. The event is expected to gather 100 participants consisting of 20 teams of innovators to develop business and technical innovative solutions for the Insurance industry.

Interested participants can register by logging onto the portal on https://thehackathon.net/ and follow thehatch social media pages for more information. The portal will be open for applications from Monday, 10th June and will close by Wednesday, 3rd July for team selection.

The Managing Director, Africa Operations, Inlaks, Femi Adeoti expatiated on the event noting that “Most tech-startups do not have the experience to reach the customers that would buy into their solutions. It is therefore our goal to hand-hold these startups and take them to greater heights while interfacing with some of our global clients and partners, and thereby take advantage of the opportunities that are possible.”

To participate in the hackathon and qualify for amazing prizes, log on to the portal (https://thehackathon.net/ ) and follow on:

Instagram – @thehatchilab

Facebook- @thehatchilab

Twitter – @thehatchilab

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