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Inlaks, Temenos enhance digital growth for National Investment Bank of Ghana with T24 Transact

…. drive acceleration for improved customer experience

June 28, 2022: Inlaks, the foremost ICT infrastructure, and systems integrator in Sub-Saharan Africa and Temenos have reimplemented the Temenos Transact R21 for the National Investment Bank of Ghana (NIB) in a bid to enhance digital growth. The Temenos Transact is a core banking system that allows banks to scale up using cloud platforms and infrastructure to offer personalized customer products for efficiency. The platform will reimagine customer engagement and the efficient delivery of consistent, and seamless experiences across multiple channels.

The reimplementation which has enabled a relationship extension between Temenos, and the National Investment Bank of Ghana (NIB) will also support the bank’s effort in providing financial advisory and technical support to the Ghanaian Market. The upgrade will also reposition the bank and contribute to its rebranding approach.

Commenting on the impact of the Temenos Transact implementation for the National Investment Bank, Executive Director of Inlaks, Femi Muraino, said:

“Temenos has been a formidable partner to Inlaks over the years. Through this reimplementation, we continue to drive impact for institutions across Sub-Saharan Africa. The Temenos Transact is one of the most effective for digital growth among banks. This effort will impact overall system performance and provide leverage for an improved experience for customers in driving growth for the bank across the region’’.

The implementation is the first R21 delivery in West Africa and is expected to boost NIB’s corporate and retail growth.  It will further Improve System Security and provide a stronger base for NIB’s digital banking agenda and upgrade functionally for user experience.

Also speaking, General Manager, IT and Digital Banking, National Investment Bank, Ghana, Jamal Bissah Inkoom said

‘‘Digital Banking is a core part of our offerings and as banking dynamics evolve, we continue to embrace solutions that make transactions easier for customers.  The T24 Transact has been efficient in the delivery of our services with a good influence on individuals and small businesses. This framework was made possible through the reimplementation of our digital platform by Inlaks and Temenos and we are elated with the outcome’’.

 The Temenos Transact is the most used digital core banking solution across the world providing an extensive set of banking functionalities that enables an impactful customer experience.

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