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Inlaks gets recognition as best TLC partner (Demo)

Inlaks has been recognised as the Best Temenos Learning Community Partner of 2018 in Africa for investing in training and development using well-coordinated training methodology in delivering value to customers.

This endorsement was highlighted by Temenos, an enterprise software company, at this year’s Temenos Middle East and Africa sales and partner meeting in Dubai.

While explaining what the TLC partner recognition meant to Inlaks, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Inlaks, Africa Operations, Femi Adeoti, said, “Through this, the company has delivered more value to numerous customers across Africa.”

He said the Temenos training and certification was delivered through Temenos Learning Community; as such, each member “will need to study online or attend classroom training courses and take the associated exams to earn the necessary credits needed to move to the next level of membership.”

Detailing the line of action for the course, he said that the course catalogue was available in the Temenos learning community, which provided details about each course and prerequisites needed accordingly.

He added that course materials and examinations were both available on the designated online link for the TLC.

The statement said Inlaks and Temenos, as a result of excellent collaborative effort, triumphed by securing the biggest deal in the history of Temenos in a francophone country with Afriland Bank Limited, Cameroon.

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