Rack Cooling

Liebert XD Refrigerant-Based Cooling Modules

Liebert XD refrigerant-based cooling modules deliver high-density cooling with highly flexible configurations for floor-mount, rack-mount and ceiling-mount applications.

Liebert DCL – Modular Rack Cooling up to 35 kW

The Liebert DCL is the Thermal Management unit for lateral attachment to server cabinets offering a wide range of features designed specifically for data center applications.

Knürr DCD

Knürr DCD is an air-water heat exchanger that is integrated into the rear door of a server cabinet. The heat exchanger serves to absorb heat loads from server racks of up to 50 kW. Knürr DCD is configurable with Knürr DCM cabinets.

Coolblast Fan Unit

Fan unit CoolBlast is a compact unit equipped with 3 or 6 axial/diagonal fans for installation in 19” (482,6mm) enclosures. By using CoolBlast air circulation inside the cabinet can be improved and provide better cooling.