Corporate Banking Suite

CorporateSuite, with its scalable innovative technology, provides superior features for corporate banks, supporting profitability, customer acquisition and retention. Now, bank customers can benefit from quality digital solutions to equal their retail experiences, for all their business banking needs.

Temenos’ CorporateSuite customers benefit from increased efficiency and profitability through:

  • A full, complete, single solution.
  • Transparent, single view offering a 360° view of accounts
  • Agile, parameter driven platform flexibility
  • A product builder to quickly create and segment customer-level products
    Full control.
  • Insight into customer profitability, loyalty, attrition risk and number of products for targeting activity
  • A massively scalable, straight through-processing solution
  • Comprehensive business functionality and a modern, advanced, secure, open and modular architecture
  • An automated, electronic solution without the need for cumbersome paper based processes.