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Building Trust; Recommendation for Fintech

As fin-tech innovations from financial institutions and startups roll out, a frequently underestimated challenge is the importance of trust in accelerating the adoption of these solutions. Building trust underpins the success of any digital financial product — right from the design to the delivery..
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Towards Sustainable Power Availability in Nigeria.

During my very first trip to the United States in the year 2000, I was eager to see some highly advanced power infrastructures, that led to the stable power supply I had always heard about regarding the United States. As someone with a background in electrical engineering, I was looking out for ..
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Financial Inclusion; Lessons from the Asian Tigers

The term, “Tiger” is used in describing Nations which have continually experienced rapid economic growth over the last five to six decades, and are still currently doing so. The Four Asian Tigers refer to Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore which took its independence from Malaysia. ..